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Berlin Gelato Day 2024

Berlin Gelato Day: A European Celebration


Join us on March 23-24 for a sweet celebration of artisanal gelato across the city. Berlin Gelato Day 2024 is not just a local event; it's part of a larger European initiative that promotes traditional artisanal gelato and supports ice cream makers across the continent.


Explore the city and discover a world of special flavours as you visit participating gelaterias, where you'll find delicious gelato creations available for just €1.50 each. From classic favourites to innovative combinations, there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth, with also vegan options.


As you embark on your Gelato Day adventure, be sure to pick up a map at any participating gelateria. Use the map to navigate your way through the city and collect stickers at each stop along the way. If you collect 5 stickers, you'll likely to win a €50 voucher for Duo Sicilian Ice Cream to enjoy even more frozen delights by sending a picture to @berlinicecreamfestiv + following the page!


Don't miss this opportunity to indulge in the best gelato Berlin has to offer and experience the passion and creativity of our local gelato makers.

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